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Hi, Welcome to Kat’s Korner. This week I’m talking about Pet Care as a life skill, like my mom mentions in THIS post.

Pets – Then & Now

Some of our previous pets were a dog named Royal, a hamster named Munchkin, a bird named Merlyn and various fish. Our current pet is a cat named Claire. When we had Royal I would walk him and play with him. I had to feed and water Merlyn at least once a day (my mom would do it the other times). When I had my hamster Munchkin, I changed her cage, fed and watered her, and gave her treats. I do more for our cat Claire than our previous pets. I feed and water her, change/ scoop her litter box, and play with her. As I’ve gotten older I’ve been given more responsibilities for caring for our pets.


Some physical skills I learned were walking the dog because he was bigger than me, and changing the kitty litter so it is actually clean. Every morning we clean the food and water bowls and the area they are in. Some character skills I learned are consistency, because you have to be consistent when changing cages and litter boxes, and feeding and watering. Another one is Responsibility, because you need to watch them, take care of them and make sure they have everything they need like food, water and shelter.

What Learned

I learned that you have to be patient, caring, careful, and most importantly loving toward the pets you are caring for. I learned about myself that I need to work on being patient. All of this is important because it will help me take care of your own pets now and in the future. Learning to be consistent, responsible and patient are good skills to have for dealing with my family, my school work, and other people.

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