Real Life Homeschool Day

I tend to be a planner. I like to know what I’m supposed to be doing and have some type of schedule in place. A simple block schedule will usually do. But since this is real life, my schedule and plans can be pushed aside in a hurry, especially at the moment. We try to do what we can, whether it is close to the plan or not. It is important for me to remember that we are always learning, not just when it is planned and scheduled.


I usually spend an hour or so each Sunday evening reviewing the previous week, checking what we should be working on next and then jotting down our weekly plan in my school planner. This includes a general block schedule of when we should be working on school stuff. Since I have two kids that are homeschooled and two adults that I am caregiver for, I need to know who is doing what and when. The thing is, we don’t always have the opportunity to stick to any of it.

Real Life

Things happen as part of life that we all need to deal with. At the moment it is doctor appointments, physical therapy, medical tests and medical paper work for my husband and dad that come along. Some days everything needs to be dropped and we rush off to deal with a medical issue. Some days we pack our books, papers and folders to tote along with us to appointments. Some days my husband directs the kids while I’m out with my dad. This is real life, which means our plans and schedules need to be adjusted.


The kids are learning valuable life skills from our ever changing schedule. They are able to look over plans and schedules to see what needs to get done. They are learning to work more independently on what they can and wait for the opportunity to have help when they need to. They are learning to manage time and create their own schedules to fit what is needed into available time. They are figuring out how to adapt in different ways as we work through many life changes that our situation is currently requiring.

I am so amazed at how capable and confident my kids are and continue to become. No matter what our day is planned to look like, we do our best to keep learning and growing by doing what we can and adapting.


8 Replies to “Real Life Homeschool Day

  1. I LOVE how homeschooling allows for life skills! We homeschooled for years and it radically changed and motivated our family!

  2. Hah! First off, I commend you for homeschooling your kids, esp. with all else you have on your plate! Second, this post sounds just like me – I have plans, I love planning, I review them each Sun eve and plan out the week, then check in on them daily – but LIFE HAPPENS. You are modeling both great organization and great flexibility/coping skills for your little ones – brava!

  3. I admire all mamas that homeschool! I make a HORRIBLE teacher :/ I think I’d be great for elementary school, but middle and high school mathscience?! You’re my hero! LOL

  4. Our daughter is just 1.5, but we have been seriously considering the homeschooling route, especially after talking to friends of ours with children in the school she’s zoned for. That being said, I’m super disorganized and scatterbrained, so I don’t know if I have the skills to track everything for her!!

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