Preparing for Fall

Where I live in Michigan has four unique seasons; spring, summer, fall and winter. Each season requires it’s own set of tasks and activities to not only deal with that season but also to prepare for the next season. Fall starts a just a continuation of summer with sunny weather and 80°F temps. But it changes to cooler temps, a mix of sunshine and clouds with some damp and rainy days. By the end of the season we have freezing temperatures, winds and a pretty good chance that snow is already on the ground. Basically we start with air conditioners running full and mowing the lawn weekly then within a couple of months we have the furnace on full blast and need to shovel the driveway to go anywhere. That’s fall in Michigan.


The kids like yard work and we view it as part of the life skills that they need for life. But there are more things that need to be done outside and inside for the changing season that we can view as life skills too. Some of the activities that need to be done are on the outside of the house and around the yard. Some of the tasks to be done are inside the home. Some tasks need to be completed by an adult or with adult supervision and other tasks can be accomplished by the kids themselves. And most tasks can be adapted or broken down into smaller tasks to fit a child’s age and capabilities.


There are tasks around the yard that can be done over the season to prepare the lawn, garden and plants for the upcoming cooler weather, as mentioned in this post. Some homes have storm windows that need to be cleaned, prepped and put in before winter comes. Outdoor furniture and decor can be put away and/or changed for the seasons. Trees, bushes and some plants need to be pruned, trimmed or divided in the fall too. Window air conditioners need to be removed, cleaned, wrapped and put in storage. Most of these task have components that the kids can do or help with.


The change of temperatures brings about a change of clothing, bedding and activities for the kids. Beds need blankets, flannel sheets and comforters once the temps have gotten cooler. T-shirts and shorts give way to jeans, sweaters and sweatshirts. Winter coats and jackets along with hats, mittens, scarves and boots need to be brought out of storage. These items need to be checked for fit, holes and wearability. The kids can help and learn all of these tasks for preparing themselves and their things for this season and the next.

Do you have distinct seasons in your homeschool area? Do you have tasks that need to be done to prepare for this and the next season? Do you uses these tasks as life skill lessons for your homeschooler? I’d love to hear what you do to teach your kids to prepare for the next season in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to sign-up for the Homeschooling With Tea’s mailing list. Receive the free, exclusive “Life Skills Planner” now and tips, resources, how-to’s and extras in the future.

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