Fall Art Journal Fun

Art journaling is a fun and creative way for kids to explore art. Fall is a good time to start or continue with an art journal. The new season is filled with vibrant colors, playful critters, changing weather, and much more. There is plenty of fun and educational ways to use an art journal, as mentioned in THIS post. We might even be able to experiment with some still new supplies that we got for the start of our homeschool year.

Supplies & Inspiration

Fall can give us plenty of unique items to use in an art journal. Taking a nature walk might have the kids collecting leaves, acorns, pine cones, pine needles and even sticks. A nature walk could also yield photos or sightings of animals like squirrels, chipmunks, turtles, ducks, geese and even deer. Since fall is usually the start of a new homeschool year there could also be new subjects or different activities that can be inspirational. Supplies might also be a source of inspiration. Old items that weren’t used during the previous homeschool year, new supplies that were purchased and just waiting to be used could all be fun to play with in an art journal.

Fall Ideas

There are many prompts, themes, activities and items that are specific to fall that can be used on an art journal page, or two.


Favorite fall memory

Favorite fall activity

Favorite fall food










Football Games

Visiting Apple Orchard

Visiting Pumpkin Patch

Raking Leaves



  • Glue a real leaf (or leaves) to your page
  • Paint, draw or sketch a leaf or leaves on your page
  • Use a leaf to stamp on your page


  • Use an apple cut in half to stamp on your page

Pine Needles

  • Glue pine needles to your page
  • Use pine needles to stamp on your page
  • Use sponge with paint over pine needles, then remove needles (leaves silhouette)


  • Roll pinecone in paint, then roll on page
  • Glue pieces of pinecone to your page


  • Use a feather to stamp on your page
  • Use a feather as a paint brush

Acorn Caps, Pumpkin Seeds, Apple Seeds, Other Seeds or Grains

  • Use as stamps or glue down on pages


Have you used and art journal or nature journal in your homeschool? What items have you used in the journal? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to sign-up for the Homeschooling With Tea’s mailing list. Receive the free, exclusive “Homeschool Art Journal Pack” now and tips, resources, how-to’s and extras in the future.

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