Harvesting Quiet Moments

Fall is the perfect time to take advantage of those quiet moments we share with our kids. We can look for opportunities to have those moments daily, weekly or monthly. The moments can help us to connect with our kids, get to know them, understand their needs and figure out how we can help them best.

Fall Quiet

Fall is a good time for adding quiet moments because many of us homeschoolers are still getting into the start of our homeschool year. Our schedules are still adjusting and changing. We have new curriculums, new co-ops, new extra-curricular activities. Since things are new, having a few quiet moments to talk about how things are working can help us adjust our schedules, curriculum and teaching methods too.

Fall in our area also means lots of time outdoors before the winter cold hits. I personally love sharing time with the kids, together and one-on-one, while we are enjoying fall afternoons. While we do homeschool year round our new school year usually starts towards mid-October. I love having planned quiet moments to remind us to take a break from school work once the “new” starts. My kids and I have been known to concentrate on the new text books, new experiments and all the new stuff a bit too much. Having those quiet moments helps us to see the big picture and not get overwhelmed.


Looking for and including quiet moments into our daily homeschool life can be difficult. But it is worth it. We have the opportunity to make connecting with our kids a habit. We can look forward to spending some one-on-one time with our children and/or time together. Habits take time to form and they do take some planning. And just because I mention “habit” that doesn’t mean it is doing the same thing each day. It is the habit of looking for a moment or two to connect with one or all of our kids. It is using to the best advantage slivers of time that we can share with our children.

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