Golden Sunlight Afternoons

Fall is special for our family. We love the changing colors, unique smells and the golden light of autumn afternoons. When the sunshine lights up the trees with that special yellow light we know fall has finally arrived. The outdoors is our favorite place to be in the fall. We spend most of our time in our yard, in the woods and at the local parks. We look forward to autumn each year.

Afternoons are our favorite time, when the golden light plays in the trees. It is the time after school work and before dinner. When the sun starts setting earlier and earlier we appreciate those lovely golden sunlight afternoons all the more. They are also a great time to share a few quiet moments together.

Time Together

I make a point to spend time with each child at least once each week during the golden hours of autumn. We might take a walk in the park or the woods. We might go for a drive to check out the colorful leaves. We might even just sit on the patio in the back yard. We talk about what is going on in our busy lives, what the plans are for the rest of the week, things that we are looking forward to during the week or month. Or we might just sit quietly enjoying the sunshine.

We also enjoy spending time together as a family during the afternoons of autumn too. We walk and explore the woods, talking and sharing. We love taking drives to check out the colorful leaves. It is a great time to connect and discuss what we love about fall, what we are excited about or looking forward to and what is going on in our busy lives.

Do you have changing sunlight in the fall where you live? How do you enjoy quiet moments during fall in your homeschool? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to sign-up for the Homeschooling With Tea’s mailing list. Receive the free, exclusive “Homeschool Art Journaling Pack” now and tips, resources, how-to’s and extras in the future.

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