10 Days of Fall

Fall in our neck of the woods means colorful trees, cooler temperatures and the last hurrah before winter settles in. We are finishing up our 2016/2017 homeschool year before the official start of the 2017/2018. Our family loves fall and we look forward to it each year. This year is no different. To celebrate the change of season and the close of the homeschool year here are 10 days of fall themed posts.

Fall can be very creative with the range of colors, leaves, apples and pumpkins around to influence us. Life skills can change with the seasons also, including raking up leaves and preparing for cooler temperatures. And don’t forget that the different season and temperatures can make for unique quiet moments during your homeschool days. Be sure to check out all ten days of Homeschooling With Tea’s 10 Days of Fall.

  1. Creativity Fall Style
  2. Jumping in the Leaves
  3. Golden Sunlight Afternoons
  4. Creative Fall Project Round Up
  5. Apple Crisp and Pumpkin Pie
  6. Harvesting Quiet Moments
  7. Fall Art Journal Fun
  8. Preparing for Fall
  9. Apple Cider and Donuts
  10. Fall Field Trips

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