Mixing Art and Learning

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Our homeschool lessons have always included some type of art making, art appreciation and art history each year. The kids can get bored since they really prefer to be making art rather than learning about artists and studying works of art. Even I have found some of the material hard to get through at times. We always have creative supplies on hand to engage the kids’ creativity. And we look for ways to add creativity into our daily life too. But some days art lessons can just seem to drag.

Fun and Different

So I’ve been looking for a fun and different way to include learning about artists, their works and some creative making all together. Our art journals are great as creative outlets, trying out new techniques and adding a bit of art to some subjects but they are not exactly what I needed for lessons. So what I was looking for needed to be more than just studying artists and their works. I wanted something beyond the typical “how-to” art techniques too. I thought I would need to create an entire class myself. Sounds like more work than I currently have time to do. But then I found just what I was looking for at Masterpiece Society!

Mixing It Up

Masterpiece Society offers art courses/workshops and art appreciation homeschool classes. This year we are planning on using the Mixing with the Masters, Volume 1 and Volume 2. Mixing with the Masters incorporates learning about artists, their famous works and having fun recreating their master pieces using mixed media. I love playing with different art mediums and so do the kids.

Each Mixing with the Masters course introduces six artists and their works. The kids get to use mixed media with this hands on art course. There are 18 different lessons, 3 lessons per artist. There are also 6 art challenges. The list of art forms/techniques for each volume looks fun and not the “same old stuff” that we’ve seen over and over. The kids are really looking forward to working on these courses and I’m thrilled that I don’t have to come up with an entire class myself for this year.


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