Grade 5 Curriculum

While we won’t be starting our 2017-2018 Homeschool Year until October 23rd this year I’ve almost completed my son’s 5th grade curriculum selection. In some ways planning curriculum seems to get easier and yet harder with each passing year we homeschool. Since we homeschool year round some subjects we finish/start mid-year, just picking up with the next level and/or book. We cover the basic core subjects of Math, Language Arts (grammar, spelling, reading & writing), History with Geography and Science each year. This year, like last year, we also have art and music appreciation along with art journaling. My son wants to add guitar and wood working to his curriculum too. I’ve also been thinking about which life skills we have to finish working on or start working on this year. It looks like another busy homeschool year but we are looking forward to it.

Since my kids are four grades apart we have been cycling through history and science, using the classical model of education in a relaxed way, and studying the same topics together at each child’s level. Basically what that means is that both kids learned about ancient history, renaissance history, early modern history and modern history together but at their own level on a four year cycle. For science we’ve studied earth science, biology, chemistry and physics together but at their own level also on a four year cycle. Much of this was done using the same books but doing separate projects and at different levels.

Both kids will be using Saxon Math again this year. We have tried different math curriculums be keep coming back to Saxon because the kids like it and find it easier for them to understand and retain math skills than other systems. We will also be using Learning Language Arts through Literature for both kids again too. We’ve done the grammar, spelling, reading and writing separate curriculums and it was just too much for the kids and for me. Book lists, essay book reports and vocabulary lists will also be added to the LLATL curriculum to be sure we are covering everything.

Here is what we have lined up for this coming year:

Math – Saxon Math Intermediate 5

Language Arts (grammar, spelling, reading, writing) – Learning Language Arts through Literature: Purple Book

History – Mystery of History: Creation to the Resurrection – Volume 1

Geography – Concise Atlas of the World, The Good Land, and Mystery of History

Science (Biology) – Christian Kids Explore Biology

Art & Music Appreciation – Harmony Fine Arts: Grade 5

Art Journaling – Unit lessons created by Mom

Guitar – Lessons at local music shop

Wood Working – Unit lessons created by Dad

Life Skills teaching by example, unit lessons by Mom determined from Planning Life Skills planner & Life Skills Categories-Part #1 & Part #2

Quiet MomentsScheduling into our day with evening read aloud, tea time and other daily activities

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