Creativity Supplies

It is time for the kids to get creative, but do you have the supplies on hand for fun? Kids are creative by nature and love to make things, as mentioned in THIS post. There are plenty of benefits to being creative so having supplies ready to go is a good thing.

The Usual Supplies

For sketching, drawing, painting and most artsy projects only a few supplies are needed. We as homeschoolers usually have these items handy for daily use. These items include:

  • Pencils (Regular and/or Color)
  • Markers (Washable, Permanent, etc.)
  • Paints (Watercolor, Poster, Acrylic, etc.)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Paper (Plain, Lined, Construction, etc.)

With these most kids can make plenty of projects (and messes). But for even more creative fun why not include some extra supplies.

The Extras

There are some basic supplies like white school glue and stickers we might already have on hand besides those mentioned above. But some fun, different and even more advanced items can be added for extra creativity. Yes, some of the supplies I’m going to talk about might even be messy, so get out plenty of table and kid coverings. They include:

  • Pastels
  • Stamps
  • Ink Pads
  • Glitter
  • Decorative Tapes
  • Patterned Papers
  • Adhesives
  • Scissors
  • Paper Punches


My kids love oil pastels, which are unique crayon style color adding sticks. They can be a bit messy since they are not made of wax like crayons. Younger kids should have supervision when using them. They go on paper much smoother and creamier than crayons. Oil pastels are also easy to smudge and blend. Another pastel option is chalk pastels. These are not your average chalkboard chalk. They are vibrantly colored chalks that are also similar to crayons like oil pastels. They also smudge and blend easily. Prices and quality can range from low to high for oil pastels and chalk pastels, so you can usually find a set to add into your supplies easily. These items can usually be found at craft stores and other major retailers.

Stamps & Inks

Adding letters, words, cute characters, little creatures or other items to projects is easy when using stamps. Rubber stamps, foam stamps and even potato stamps all are fun ways to get creative. Most stamps can be used with paint but many work better when used with ink pads. I love collecting different alphabets for my kids to use along with colorful ink pads. Stamps and ink pads can be picked up for minimum cost at many dollar stores, craft stores and other major retailers. There are some mid-range and expensive stamps available but the inexpensive work just as well for most homeschool projects.


Most moms groan when glitter is mentioned, since it is a mess maker. I do too. But I’ve also found that glitter glue works just as well as loose glitter and my kids actually like using it more. This is another supply that can be picked up inexpensively at dollar stores, craft stores and other major retailers. Many of these cheaper glitter glues tend to be limited in color selection. Many craft stores offer more expensive options with plenty of colors. We do have a few of these on hand but use them for limited projects since the cost is a bit high.

Decorative Tape

There are plenty of pretty, colorful, funky or just plain fun tapes out there for creative projects. My kids and I love using them to decorate paper projects or just to hold papers together. This is another fun supply that can be purchased at dollar stores, craft stores and other major retailers. These tapes can be wide, thin, or anywhere in between. The patterns can include anything from berries to bikes, watermelon to cars and many other things. Some tapes even come in sets so that they match in color or theme.

Patterned Paper

Adding a little extra zing to projects can be done easily by using decorative papers. These papers can have patterns like stripes, dots, and other shapes. They might also look realistic like bark, wood, grass, pebbles or metal. They can come in themed pads or as single sheets. And just like the other supplies mentioned they can be found at most dollar store, craft stores and other major retailers. These papers can be added to projects with a variety of adhesives. Also included in patterned paper is wrapping papers, book pages, pamphlets, newspaper, sticky notes and any other paper that isn’t “plain”. My kids like to recycle old coloring books too.


Sticking one object to another is part of many creative projects and there are plenty of different ways to get items to stick together. Most adhesives are made to stick particular items together. Most glue sticks are meant to stick one piece of paper to another piece of paper. Wet glues can handle non-paper to paper items, usually. There are double sided tapes, wood glue, plastic-to-plastic glue and many other varieties. Be sure to check labels so that you pick the adhesive depending on what types of projects your kids enjoy making.

Scissors & Punches

Scissors can be straight or cute different patterns. Some are jagged edges, scalloped edges, “ripped” edges and even zig-zag edges. Paper punches can punch out small circles but there are also punches that can be really decorative. Flowers, squares, letters, people, and many other shapes can be used. Both scissors and punches can be purchased from craft stores and other major retailers. You can sometimes even find them at dollar stores.

Creativity and Supplies

Having fun items on hand to use is a great way to encourage creativity. Simple supplies work great for projects but adding a few additional items can get those creative juices flowing and make your homeschool projects even more enjoyable.

What are some of your favorite homeschool creative supplies? How do your kids use them? What are their favorite projects? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to sign-up for the Homeschooling With Tea’s mailing list. Receive the free, exclusive “Life Skills Planner” now and tips, resources, how-to’s and extras in the future.

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  1. This is a great list! I get in such a rut with my supplies and I should keep more around to inspire creativity. Pinning for future reference. Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolding!

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