Life Skills Categories – Part 2

Splitting life skills into various categories can make it easier to determine which life skills to add to your homeschool.  Here is the list of categories: Character Based Skills, Home Care Skills, Home Making Skills, Transportation Skills, People Skills, Organizational Skills, Time Management Skills, Money Management Skills, and Self Care Skills. The first five have been discussed on the post – Life Skills Categories – Part #1. We’ll be discussing the rest in this post.

Organizational Skills

I certainly wish that I would have learned some organizational skills before I was an adult. Hopefully I am teaching my kids not only to care for the home but also how to keep it organized. Cleaning, chores and caring for a home can be very different than organizing a home, a room or personal items. Organizing is more about knowing what you have, assigning the things a place and being able to use the items when needed. I can have a clean, clutter-free house but can I find the spring-form pan to bake that cheesecake in when I need to, is the question that being organized answers. Being organized looks different for each person, even in the same family. Teaching your kids the principles of organizing vs. the “how-to” of organizing might be better than imposing an organizing system on them that they can’t understand or maintain.

Time Management Skills

Since we have only a limited amount of time each day it is important to learn how to manage it. There are events, appointments, music lessons, sport activities, co-ops, field trips and more that have set times. Whether you have a block schedule, less structured schedule or more of a rhythm or flow to your homeschool day, there is still some time management involved. As your kids grow older they may want or need more control over their individual schedules. Teaching them how to think about what they need to do, when they need to do it and how long it might take is an important life skill. Also managing their time for lessons, activities and spending time with friends is part of life as they grow older and are interested in more freedom. Just learning to be on time for any activity or event is another important skill.

Money Management Skills

Many people, kids and adults, have trouble managing money. This is something that can be difficult to teach if you were never taught yourself. Learning to handle money is more than just putting it into envelopes or into the bank. We also need to teach our children, and possibly ourselves, that money is a tool and how to use it appropriately. Money management can also be tied into our family values and character skills. Here are a few simple money management skills that might be included:

  • Saving Money
  • Budgeting Money
  • Being Generous
  • Using a Bank Account
  • Understanding Credit

Self Care Skills

How to take care of themselves is something we start teaching our kids at a very young age. The daily reminders to “brush your teeth” and “wash your face” and constantly asking them to “wash your hands” is just the beginning. These skills change as they age. They might start with bathing or showering more frequently, brushing or combing their hair, even using deodorant. We also need to teach them about nutrition, exercise, and healthy sleep patterns. As teenagers the needs change also. And by the time they are ready to go out into the world they should know how to make health care appointments, understand any health issues they may have, and be prepared for making decisions about their bodies and life based on the values and character skills you’ve instilled in them over the years. There is plenty of learning to be done in this area.

Breaking Down Life Skills

There are so many skills that our kids need to learn before they are ready to go out on their own one day. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to teach them by example and by lessons while homeschooling. Having separate categories for the different life skills can make it easier to think about what you might want to include in each area.

Do you teach life skills in your homeschool? Which ones are you currently teaching and how did you decide to teach those? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the Homeschooling With Tea’s mailing list for tips, how-to’s, resources and special offers.

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