Stitching Up Life Skills

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I have spent a couple of hours hemming pants and skirts with my daughter recently. While my daughter has a bit of sewing experience I can see where I’ve neglected to teach her some things over the years. Good thing I’m still finalizing our homeschool plans for the upcoming year, because we both think sewing would be a great elective to add. We have been trying to get electives sorted out this year, especially for my new 9th grader.

Life skills are such an important part of our homeschooling life. My kids love learning practical, and some not-so-practical, skills that they will use in what they call “real life.” They look forward to the day that they can do a task by themselves that they have been spending time learning. It is wonderful to see the pride and confidence that this accomplishment instills. We try to make sure that we include new life skills or improve on existing skills for each year or section of the year.

Sewing might seem to be a lost art but it is so practical, especially when I won’t have to hem everything myself. Both of my kids are looking forward to having sewing lessons as an elective. While my daughter can sew on a button, thread the sewing machine, almost read a pattern and even sew a fairly straight line there is plenty of things for her to learn. My son is pretty good at hand sewing but isn’t sure what to do with the machine.

Sewing lessons are available many places but we really wanted to keep our classes at home, since my machine is built into an old, heavy sewing table. We also wanted lessons that were easy to understand and follow. I found a great resource from Deb Cadovius that is just what we are looking for in lessons. The “Ultimate Beginner Sewing Course” is 10 lessons complete with YouTube video links and designed for beginners. The course is designed for homeschoolers and the instructions are clear and easy to understand. The kids are really looking forward to it.

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  1. Thank you SO much for posting this. My mother (who lives across the country from us) gave my 7-year-old a sewing lesson this summer. Last week she so badly wanted to make doll clothes and we tried, but I am not a sewer. I told her we’d find a class. Excited to give this one a go!

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