A Quiet Pot of Tea

When we first started homeschooling we used to do “Morning Time” which often included sharing a pot of tea. Mornings in our homeschool can be a bit crazy these days though. The weekly schedule can quickly get out of wack due to doctors’ appointments and other activities that we didn’t originally plan for in our week. But one thing we like to do to get back on track is share a quiet moment connecting with one another. These moments still, frequently, include a quiet pot of tea.

Taking Time

Making a pot of tea to share takes time. The water needs to be boiled. We need to “hot the pot” or warm up the teapot before actually making the tea. Selecting a tea that we’ll all enjoy is next. Getting the tea into the steeper, the steeper into the pot, pouring boiling water into the pot and then letting it steep as long as needed are the next steps. Finally we need to pick out our tea cups, put them on the tray with the teapot and various additions and carry it out to the living room. All of these steps really don’t take much time, about 10 to 15 minutes but it allows our minds to settle and slow down. The routine is well known and we are all ready to settle down for a nice chat when the tea kettle whistles.


Savoring a pot of tea is perfect for quietly connecting. Pouring the tea out and preparing it for drinking usually starts us discussing what we are going to add to the brew this time. Sugar cubes, milk, lemon slices, honey, cinnamon sticks might all be available or just one or two things but the kids like to try their tea different ways. They like to talk about the different tastes and what they like or don’t like about each thing they add. They also begin to talk about the weather, is it a good time for hot tea or should it be iced instead. Savoring the tea brings comments about the smells and tastes of the tea. We take our time to enjoy a cup or two while sharing the tea. Some days it isn’t even tea but hot cocoa in the teapot.


The reason we share a quiet pot of tea is to regroup, get our minds settled and ready to focus on the next task, no matter what that task might be. We sip, savor and share during these quiet moments. Before our pot of tea is gone we’ve usually discussed many things including the plans for the day, the plans for the next day, what things are coming up, what things have happened during the day or whatever the kids might think of to talk about with me. It is a great way to quietly connect with the kids no matter what time of day it is.

Do you have a ritual or habit that helps you and your kids settle into your homeschool day? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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