Sharing During Quiet Moments

Quiet moments in our homeschool happen just because and sometimes they are planned. We try to fit in quiet moments each day by being purposeful and looking for them, as mentioned in THIS post. The best part of these moments is the opportunity to share thoughts, feelings, ideas, values and beliefs in a natural and quiet setting. Just like the quiet moments, sharing can just happen or be planned.

Quiet moment sharing can be led by interests, questions, situations or can even be thought about beforehand. Questions might naturally occur while reading or being out in nature. Looking at the night sky or watching fireflies could bring out beliefs or feelings. These sharing moments just happen. But what about the times when they might not?

If we know we are reading a particular book we can come up with questions based on it. Or taking a walk in nature we can plan a few things, as mentioned in THIS post. While having a pot of tea we might read a poem then talk about what it made us think of or how it made us feel. There are many different ways that we can plan for sharing during our quiet moments.

Here are some steps to help you think about what to share for an upcoming quiet moment.

  1. Where will you be?
  2. What will you be doing?
  3. What thoughts occur naturally?
  4. What thoughts can be added?


There are many places that we can share quiet moments with our kids. Thinking about where you will be can help you get more ideas on what is possible to share. Will you be at the park, in the house, at the beach or in the car? Will you have plenty of time to share? Will you have quiet around you or will it be noisy and busy? All of these questions can influence what is possible to share.


Some activities are just easier to have a quiet moment with but there are opportunities for sharing during many different activities. Thinking about what you will be doing while you are connecting with the kids can give you more ideas on what is possible to share. Will you be having a pot of tea, baking cookies, listening to music or reading a book? Answering these questions can direct how you connect.

Occur Naturally

Questions, thoughts, and feelings can come about naturally during many quiet moments. Considering what your kids might come up with in advance can help you to have answers ready or know how to lead them to more sharing.

Added Thoughts

After thinking about what questions might come up naturally it is good to think what more can be added too. One child might have an interest in something that might come up naturally. Why not think about how to add more to the question or discussion. There might also be an opportunity to add thoughts on spiritual beliefs or your family’s values. Also asking about feelings, thoughts and ideas can be enlightening when going beyond the natural, first questions. It is a great time to dig deeper and really listen to our kids.

A Few Moments

A few moments of thought can help you be prepared for some sharing with your children during quiet moments. I would love to hear how you like to connect with your kids and if you plan for quiet moments. Please let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t miss the Homeschooling With Tea Newsletter where you will receive encouragement, tips, how-to’s, resources and special offers for adding creativity, life skills and quiet moments to your everyday homeschool life.

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