Non-Quiet Quiet Moments

Kids usually are NOT quiet. And that is perfectly normal. They are busy, active young people that enjoy life and create noise. Many places that we visit with our kids are not quiet either. While there are some places like libraries, some museums, theaters, etc. that tend to have less noise, it is normal to have some noise. So how do you have quiet moments in these non-quiet places and what about those moments that are noisy on purpose?

Quiet Moments

Connecting with our kids is what having quiet moments is all about, as mentioned in THIS post. Many times we are busy and don’t take time to really listen to our kids. It is so important to find out what our children are thinking and feeling. It helps us to better understand them, help them and instruct them. Some of our favorite quiet moments include:

  • Reading aloud
  • Being at the beach
  • Walking in nature
  • Having tea time
  • Putting laundry on the line
  • Sitting around a campfire
  • Listening to music
  • Watching movies

Quiet in Noise

You might have noticed that some of the ways we like to have quiet moments are at places that are not typically quiet, like the beach. So how do you have these moments at a place that might be filled with loud kids and other noise? There really are many ways to do this. Our quiet times at the beach, as mentioned in THIS post, are more about having an opportunity to talk and really listen. We purposefully choose to do this whether by sitting on a blanket, building a sand castle or some other activity. While we are taking a walk in nature we plan on quiet moments, as mentioned in THIS post. There are plenty of things to look at, think about, discuss and share. The important point to remember is why we share quiet moments with our kids, to connect with them. If we remember that, it can be easy to fit it in among the noise.

Non-Quiet Activity Connection

Yes, you can quietly connect with your kids even if the activity is not a quiet one. A few of these activities might include:

  • Reading aloud
  • Watching movies
  • Listening to music
  • Going to a play
  • Playing an instrument(s)

Reading aloud is something my kids and I have loved doing since they were babies. It is not quiet on purpose, we are actively reading out loud. But we are sharing as we do so. We also enjoy watching movies and discussing what is going on, how we feel about what is going on, etc. Another not quiet way we share quiet moments is by listening to music. It doesn’t matter what type: classical, pop, jazz or any other style. It is a great conversation starter for us. My daughter and I recently went to a local play of a favorite movie, My Fair Lady. There were many moments that my daughter and I were able to connect during the play. It didn’t involve talking but we did connect. She would squeeze my hand at a shared favorite line or song. We’d share a smile over a dance or a character. We also discussed the play, characters, dances, songs and what we thought as we drove home. Both of my kids can’t wait until we have another play they can see.

It is important to have those quiet moments when and where we can fit them into our busy homeschool life. Check out THIS post for more tips to fitting in more quiet moments. Whether you have “quiet” or “non-quiet” moments to share with your kids, keep connecting and sharing with them.

I’d love to hear how you connect with your kids, whether quiet or not, in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to sign-up for the Homeschooling With Tea’s mailing list.

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