It’s A Yard Sale

During the summer it seems that yard sales, rummage sales and garage sales pop up everywhere. This can be a good way to teach some life skills to our kids. These skills might include:

  • Organizational Skills
  • Money Skills
  • People Skills

Having a yard sale is not for everyone. If you do have a yard sale and involve the kids be sure to keep in mind what they are capable of, their ages and that they are children. If you are looking for info about yard sales check these links:

Organizational Skills

Organizational skills are needed for many things and yard sales are no exception. Items need to be placed in an orderly manner. They need to be kept organized and mess free. The same thing goes for money. It is much easier to handle money when it is organized and orderly. Time also needs to be organized. When do things have to be out or put away? What time does the sale start? When should an ad or posters be placed? All of it requires organizational skills that kids can be taught.

Money Skills

Money skills are a necessary part of any sales endeavor. Kids need to know the types of money and the denomination of each, coins and paper money. Make sure that they know this before letting them handle the real thing in a real situation. This is also a great way to help them do basic math like adding, subtracting, multiplication and counting out change.

People Skills

People skills are also a necessity for any sales situation. Being polite, saying please and thank you are useful and needed. It is also good to be sure they understand about strangers and what to do in that situation.

Don’t expect too much from kids during yard sales. Keep the expectations reasonable. Maybe a lemonade stand while you run the yard sale could be a good option too. But that’s a different post. What ways do you help teach your kids about money? Have they ever helped you with a yard, rummage or garage sale? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to sign-up for the Homeschooling With Tea’s mailing list.

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