Summer Tech Skills

Technology seems to be running full blast every single day no matter where you go. There are smart phones, tablets, computers, smart TV’s, mp3 players and so much more. Our family has to work hard to keep our technology usage under control and it is even harder in the summer. While the kids love to play outside, ride bikes, explore the woods, and other outdoor activities we still work at not being online as often as we are. We homeschool year round so we really don’t have “summer break” but we do take vacations and have a time off here and there throughout the summer.

Family Decision

How much technology your family uses and what limits you set on time and usage is completely up to your family. There are some great articles and research regarding what types, how long, and usage for different technology for kids, teens and adults. Here are just a few:

Helping our kids make good decisions about technology now sets them up for being able to do so later in life, just like many other life skills as mentioned in THIS post.


There are many ways to teach management of technology for our kids. The articles above discuss a variety of ways to do so. Our family has a chart that we use to decide what technology we use, how much/long we will use it for and when we will use it. We personally don’t use technology use as a reward, though many do. Teaching the management of technology starts with our own use so we need to watch how we handle our own usage of technology too.

These are just a few things to think about when we teach our kids about technology and how to use it. Do you have any special tips, or ways that you help your children manage technology during the summer? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to sign-up for the Homeschooling With Tea’s mailing list.

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