Creativity on Vacation

Since we started homeschooling we have taken vacations that include something to do with one, two or more subjects we are studying. These subjects might include history, geography, and/or science. Our kids are always learning so why not incorporate it into our vacations? It might take a little extra planning but it can be fun and educational. We have visited museums for history and science. We’ve studied maps before, during and after traveling for geography. We’ve visited historical sites while vacationing too. A week at the beach lends itself to learning about water, waves, tides, sea/water creatures, birds and other things. But what about creativity? Oh yes, don’t forget about creativity.


There are some “typical” places to find creativity on vacation. Art museums and historical museums are staples for finding art. But what about beautiful architecture, commemorative statues, and gorgeous gardens? Yes, these are creative and artistic places and things that we visit while on vacation. Ships, folk art or craft fairs, and antique shops are just another example of places to find artistic, creative and inspiring objects.


We love to do simple creative projects while we are on vacation. These are usually easy to do, small, and easy to put away. Having simple supplies on hand makes it easier too, like mentioned in THIS post. Since we usually travel by car we like to do things as we travel but also while we are at our vacation spot. What type of projects might that be?

  • Postcard Book Keepsake
  • Photo Books
  • Travel Journal
  • Map Marker
  • Doodle Pads


There are a few different ways to enjoy postcards as creative projects. One is to purchase them, write a few details of your trip or about the place you are at and mail them to your home. Once home you’ll get a fun reminder in the mail of where you were and what you did. Another way is to collect postcards from every spot visited, punch a hole along one side, tie a ribbon through the holes, jot notes on the back of the keepsake and create a one of a kind keepsake.


While on vacation we take lots of photos. Family photos, kid photos, place photos, architecture photos, object photos, activity photos, more photos than we will ever use. We have one nice digital camera. We have smart phones with cameras. We also have an inexpensive waterproof camera. We have also purchased cheap “disposable” cameras that can be dropped off at a photo developer and you can just pick up your photos. You can purchase albums for each trip, each place or however you feel like keeping photos. You can also make create photo books at many photo developers now. This is our family’s favorite thing to do since we can pick photos that mean the most to us, add some text to tell the story of our vacation and have a lovely, hard-covered, photo-filled book that we look at year after year.

Travel Journals

My daughter loves to draw, sketch and write in journals. She uses pencils, markers, and watercolors to capture places, people and thought about the places that we visit. My son likes to gather wrappers, pamphlets and other items to glue into a journal. He writes about what we did, where we visited and what he thought about it all.

Map Marker

We have a fun tradition of making a map booklet that we call “Map Marker.” We print out maps that go along with our trip, where we are traveling and the roads we are taking. We add stickers, sticky notes, and other items that mark where we stopped along the way. These places might be places we ate at, where we stayed at, interesting things we saw, historical sites, fun activities, and unusual sights we saw. The kids love these and like to add to them if we use the same route again.

Doodle Pads

We use doodle pads everywhere. They can be small lined notebooks, big sketch pads or anything in between. My kids’ favorite note pads are the small, lined, 4”x6” ones from the dollar store. We pick up a few small notebooks, a pack of crayons, and a pack of mechanical pencils for each child. A plastic pencil box for each kid stores the doodle sets. This gives the kids something fun to do no matter where we are.


Vacation is a time to relax, unwind and recharge from daily life. Yet we can still have fun, learn and get creative while we recharge. Enjoy the places you visit, the people you see and spending time together as family.

Do you have any creative activities while you vacation? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to sign-up for the Homeschooling With Tea’s mailing list.

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