Quiet Time at the Beach

We live close to the beach, about a two minute drive actually. We visit a few times each week to enjoy swimming, walking the paths, and playing at the play area. Some days we even take our school work with us. Most of our beach visits are with just the kids and I but some days it is with a van full of children. There is always a point that I look for a quiet moment or two.

The beach is usually not a very quiet place. The natural sounds of the waves, wind and birds added to parents and kids talking, yelling, splashing, and playing are a collision of sound. Definitely not quiet. So how do you find a quiet moment or two?

Finding Quiet

Some of our favorite ways to get those moments of quiet include:

  • Sitting on a blanket
  • Sitting in a sun shelter
  • Building sand castles
  • Looking for shells & rocks

When we go to the beach we usually take a bottle of water for each person, a blanket, at least one towel for each person, a waterproof bag for “stuff,” an extra baggie for treasures, and my floppy straw hat. Once in a while we take our sun shelter and set that up too. At some point we all need a break and some water. We’ll sit on the blanket or in the shelter, drink our waters and talk about what we’ve been doing. I also ask questions about what they’ve seen, especially the different birds in the area. We also play “Spot the …” game, where I ask them to spot things on the beach or in the water. I have also been known to bring our current read aloud book to share.

Building sand castles is always a great time to get in some quiet moments with the kids. We talk about the waves and how it will affect the castle (and the moat that we usually build). We talk about architecture and shapes. It is so fun and such a good way to have those quiet moments.

Searching for sea shells and rocks is one of our favorite things to do at the beach. This is something that we do spring, summer and fall. We’d do it in the winter but the snow and ice aren’t fun to dig in. While searching for the shells and rocks we discuss the colors, the shapes and also what might live in the shells.

I purposefully choose to have quiet time while we are at the beach. There are always things to look for, do and talk about. We get a break from the water and sun while enjoying a bit of quiet.

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