Time to Mow the Lawn

It is summer in our neck of the woods and the grass is growing at a ridiculous rate. Personally I’d let the stuff grow waist high with a generous sprinkling of wild flowers. Only problem, the neighbors frown on that type of thing. That means we have to mow the lawn, trim along the fence, trim around the house, pull the weeds from the flower beds, sweep the walk, sweep the drive, and put the clippings in the compost heap. Ah, summer.

My kids have always loved helping do the yard work. They started by picking up sticks, paper and anything that should not be in the yard while mowing. Along with cleaning up they also pulled weeds from the flower beds, also flowers once in a while too. Now they do most of the work to keep the yard looking nice. Everything it takes to care for the yard, care for and use the equipment falls into the category of life skills in our family. Part of these skills they have learned by watching my husband and I do each summer, like mentioned in THIS post. But we have also taken the time to teach them other things either by hands on experience or step-by-step lessons, as mentioned in THIS post.

Activities and Maintenance

The skills that are involved in yard work fall into two categories, activities and maintenance. The activities might include mowing, weed pulling, trimming, sweeping, picking up. The maintenance might include taking care of equipment like the mower, trimmer, rake, weed-wacker, and tractor. Another part of teaching lawn care to kids is safety. Being around mowers, trimmers and weed-wackers that can have items shooting out and away from them requires all in the area to pay attention to what is going on around them. Using equipment with sharp edges, motors and/or electrical cords needs special attention too. Kids of any age can help do the yard work with help and guidance. From the littles to elementary age and from tweens to teens, all can have a part. Here are a few ideas for each age segment.


  • Pick up outdoor toys
  • Pickup sticks & twigs
  • Pull weeds (with guidance)
  • Push a pretend mower

Elementary Age

  • All of the above skills
  • Trim around house, trees, fences with hand trimmer (with guidance)
  • Use the weed-wacker (with guidance)
  • Sweep the drive way and walk way
  • Rake grass or leaves
  • Help with the push mower


  • All of the above skills
  • Use the mower
  • Care for the mower
  • Care for hand trimmers, rake, other yard tools


  • All of the above skills
  • Use the riding lawn mower/ tractor
  • Care for the riding lawn mower / tractor

These are just suggestions for tasks and skills that the children might do while helping care for the lawn. You know your kids best and know their capabilities. Use your best judgement when teaching these skills and be sure to include safety in anything they are doing/learning.

Do your kids help with yard work and caring for the associated equipment? Are there other skills that your kids use while caring for the yard. I’d love to hear what and how you’ve encouraged your kids to do to help you with yard work in the comments below.

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  1. Right now, we live in an apartment building, but in the next year or two, we’re planning to own or own home with a yard and everything. I can’t wait to teach my kiddo skills like this so we can all take care of our place together and set him up to know these things for his own place one day.

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