Creative Notebooking

Part of our homeschool life includes notebooking for different subjects. My kids really enjoy this method of learning. There are quite a few posts about what notebooking is and how to do it. Here are a few of my favorite posts where you can learn more:

The kids love sharing the pages they create with others to show what they are learning. I also like notebooking because it is a great way to increase our creativity without extra effort.

Creative Notebooking

Why is notebooking creative? Well, it can bring together drawing, writing, coloring, painting, music, and other creative activities into one or more pages. Imagine studying flowers and creating a notebook page that incorporates a drawing of the parts of a flower. Now add a few paintings of the stages of growth of the flower. Then add in a poem about the types of flowers. A pretty folded paper bloom as part of the project too. Maybe even a few essays about all the other information learned about flowers. That is a pretty impressive list of creative activities for just a few notebooking pages.


Most subjects can use notebook pages to encourage learning. Our favorite subjects to use this method for are history, science, art appreciation, and music appreciation. It can also be useful for literature, copywork, writing and even math facts. No matter which subject or subjects you might use notebooking for it can be a good fit for creativity.

Incorporating Creativity

There are simple ways to add creativity to your notebooking pages. Writing stories, essays and poems are all creative activities, which is a main fixture of the pages. Adding drawings, sketches or paintings are also typical additions when notebooking. Taking photos of projects or experiments is another great way to document learning and add creativity too. Maps, graphs, and charts can also be used for learning in this method.

Do you use notebooking pages in your homeschool? What types of creative additions do your kids like to add when using them? I would love to hear how you use notebooking pages and if there is a creative element in the comments below.

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