Reading Aloud for Quiet Moments

My kids love it when we read aloud before bedtime, as mentioned in THIS post. It really is our favorite type of quiet moment to share. It is a great way for us to share quiet time with no distractions. We can read and discuss what we’ve read. Maybe talk about how we would handle a situation that happens in what we are reading. The point is that we are together and connecting to one another.

It usually doesn’t matter what we are reading as long as we all enjoy it. But we do have some favorites and I do have some input into the choices. I like to give the kids options from new books, recommended books, classics, series, history related or science related.


We love our local library and librarians. New books, both fiction and non-fiction, are placed on special bookcases as you walk into the children’s and teen’s areas. The librarians have given us great recommendations on new books, old books, and series that we might enjoy. They love to ask us what we thought of the books they recommended or checked out too. This is how we found some of our latest favorites. Here is a list of some of our current favorites:

  • Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library
  • Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Olympics
  • Nick of Time
  • The Boxcar Children
  • Nancy Drew Series
  • Hardy Boys Series


Some of my personal favorites are the classics. We are working our way through a list made from ones I’d like to read with them plus some that they are interested in reading. There are also classics that are the usual ones found in many literature classes. Here is a list of some of the classics we’ve read:

  • The Wind in the Willows
  • Anne of Green Gables
  • The Secret Garden
  • Treasure Island
  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
  • Moby Dick
  • The Sherlock Holmes series
  • Anything written by Jules Verne


Quite a few of our read aloud books are related to history or science subjects we study. We enjoy biographies of historical people, scientists, and inventors. We also read non-fiction and fictional historical stories. There are also books about people, places and cultures of areas we are studying. Here is a list of what we are currently reading to go along with our history and science studies:

  • Backyard Guide to the Night Sky
  • Scientists Who Made History
  • The Transcontinental Railroad

While most of the time we do our reading together before bed there are other times that we read together. In the morning we do our Bible reading to start the day off. If we are feeling a little slow or just not ready to dig right into the rest of our day we might read a part of a biography or about an inventor. We might even read something that one of the kids is reading for language arts. During the day we might read a little something just to take a break from the regular routine or just because we’d all like a few quiet moments together.

Do you like reading aloud to your kids? Do you use it as a way to share some quiet time with your kids? I’d love to hear what books you and your kids enjoy sharing in the comments below.

7 Replies to “Reading Aloud for Quiet Moments

  1. Awesome list! Our real-aloud time is my very favorite part of our day! We just finished The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles! So good! Going to start George’s Marvelous Medicine tomorrow 🙂

  2. my son no longer does the “let’s read before bed anymore” much to my chagrin… so once September hits I need to figure out a “let’s read together” routine with him. Trying to sort out what will work best for that as there is so much I want to read with him. 🙂

    1. It’s a bummer when they hit that stage. We did go through it but I’m so glad it quickly went back to “Mom can you read to us?” 🙂 We also do reading together in the mornings a few days a week still. I’m hoping they don’t outgrow reading aloud together.

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