Creativity – What is it?

Like many other homeschoolers I am currently looking into next year’s curriculum. Along with the academics I’m looking for ways to add more creativity into our daily homeschool life. We have art and music appreciation, which the kids enjoy. We have an art journaling session once a week to play with different supplies and techniques. You might think that we have plenty of creativity already in our homeschool. We do have plenty of creative activities and I am always encouraging creativity as mentioned in THIS post. But I’m looking at creativity in a different perspective. I’m not talking about the “fine arts” kind or the arts and crafts kind, though that can be a part of it. Today I’m talking about the everyday kind of creativity.

Creativity Buzz

Creativity seems to be a big buzz word lately. But what is creativity and how does it fit into a homeschool? There are many definitions for creativity, including Merriam-Webster’s version: the ability to make new things or think new ideas. Another definition is making new connections between old ideas or seeing relationships between concepts as mentioned in this post by James Clear. So, it’s something more complex than just making or appreciating art.

For me creativity is more about how we look at, think about and do things. It’s that outside of the box thinking, using a different approach to the usual that I want to have more of in our daily homeschool life. It can include painting a master piece, writing a novel or composing a symphony. But it doesn’t have to. Here are some possible creative ideas we might add:

  • Different style timeline for history
  • Additional experiment for chemistry
  • Physics experiment the kids come up with themselves (not too dangerous)
  • Notebooking – any subject
  • Write a play for history
  • Converting a recipe for math
  • Interpreting a poem through dance
  • Singing a silly song to memorize multiplication tables
  • Making our own crossword puzzles for spelling

These are just a few ways that could work to add more creativity to our homeschool. I’m looking forward to talking with the kids and coming up with more ideas. Are you looking to add more creativity to your homeschool day? What other ways can you think of that I haven’t mentioned? I would love to hear your ideas or ways you’ve added daily creativity to your homeschool day. Let me know in the comments below.

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