Encouraging Creativity

Kids are naturally creative and love making things, especially messes. They can be creative at any time, whether it is make-believe play, directed creativity or some type of formal lessons. Both of my kids love to draw, sketch, paint and make messes. Since CJ and Kate both enjoy being creative I am always looking for ways to continue encouraging them.

Preparing For Creativity

It is much easier to get creative if you have the supplies available and at the ready. A few simple supplies are all that you really need to get the creativity rolling.

1. Crayons
2. Pencil
3. Paint (watercolor, poster, finger, etc.)
4. Paint Brushes
5. Paper

Sketching, drawing, coloring, writing, painting, color combining are all possible with these few simple items. You can also include Lego’s, modeling clay, and even Minecraft (or some other building type program).

Fitting Creativity In

Homeschooling is busy enough with regular lessons, co-ops, field trips and more. How can you add creativity into your day then? A few minutes after breakfast drawing in a journal or notepad could be one option. No prompts, no themes, just whatever supplies they prefer to use. After lunch or during an afternoon break is another option. Building with Lego’s while reading aloud might be another choice. Any time that is not scheduled is a good time for creativity. After dinner, instead of television, acting out a favorite story could be fun for the entire family.

Things To Remember

When we are encouraging the kids to be creative there are a few things to keep in mind. We don’t want to squash that creative bug but let them have fun and grow as they create. So here are some tips to go along with the encouragement.

1. Be prepared for messes.
2. Don’t tell the kids what to make during free-style creativity.
3. Let the kids experiment and play with supplies.
4. If it is a directed project don’t micro-manage their efforts.

The most important thing to remember is that it is the child’s project so let them do the creating.

Your Kids

What about your kids? What are their favorite ways to be creative? Do they like to sketch, draw, make videos, or write poetry? Is there a way that you can add more creativity to your homeschool day? Let me know what type of creativity your kids enjoy, how do you add creativity to your kids’ homeschooling, and/or how do you encourage creativity in the comments below.

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